Wedding Wine Research Trip

21 03 2011

Matt and I wanted to get all of the wine for our wedding from local wineries, since there’s so many great wineries here in the Finger Lakes. I haven’t had a chance to explore many of them in person, especially some of those a bit further from Ithaca. I knew of one winery from whom I’d bought a deeelicious $8 blush several times, but had never actually been there in person. This winery, Bully Hill, is over on the shores of Keuka Lake, so we decided that area would be a good target for some on-the-ground wine research.

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State Fair Woo Woo!

18 09 2010

Despite the fact that I have lived in New York State for the vast majority of my lifetime, I had never been to the New York State Fair until a few weeks ago. Granted, the fair is in Syracuse, which is several hours from Montgomery where I grew up, but it was definitely about time that I went… and boy was I excited for it!

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Ithaca is hilly.

13 08 2010

What? Don’t you think you would’ve figured out this not-so-minor little detail when you lived in Ithaca for 4 years?

OK, OK. I knew Ithaca was hilly, but I was harshly reminded of just how high up Cornell is when I decided to bike up to the plantations on campus today.

In my defense, when I lived here previously, I lived mostly in Collegetown.  While there is a nice little wake-you-up-in-the-morning hill that you have to scale to get from Collegetown up to the main part of campus, this dwindles next to the elevation change that you get by going from Collegetown down to the Commons and the main downtown area. And this lovely downtown area happens to be precisely where our little pink house is.

If I can actually get my booty to bike (rather than bus) up that hill en route to class/work a few times a week, lets just say that I’ll be the proud new owner of some buns/legs of steel.

For your viewing pleasure (and satisfaction of my curiosity), I mapped out the route, including elevation.

270 ft elevation gain in less than a half mile on Buffalo St… dang!

Also, buy me some new (bike) brake pads for Christmas, because what goes up, must come down….

Yowza Alaska!

13 08 2010

Yeehaw, what a trip! As trips with Dad go, we packed in as much as we possibly could in our 8 days in Dad’s 50th state.  We most certainly could have spent another 2 months exploring the 98% of the state that we couldn’t cover, but what we did get to see was totally awesome.

From sneaking up to glaciers in our kayaks,

to adventuring in whatever weather we got thrown,

to seeing North America’s tallest mountain,

to enjoying Alaska’s delicious food and drink,

it was great.

To check out a whole lot more photos, go here:


Summertime R & R

23 07 2010

Phew, a lot has happened in the last few weeks!

On July 9, I had my last day of work at USGS. I got a lot of good experience and met a bunch of great people there, but I’m also excited to move on to new things so it was a day of mixed emotions.

After that, I spent a few days cleaning up the condo so that Matt and his Dad, Gran, and Andrew could help him paint it and otherwise spiff it up.  Hopefully, he’ll have luck in getting that sold in not too long once it’s on the market.

I’ve gotten the very nice opportunity to spend the last week or so in Montgomery chilling out for a bit. I haven’t been home for this amount of time since winter break in college, so it’s a welcome break.  This past weekend was the Rosenberg family reunion, also the Village of Montgomery’s bicentennial celebration.  For both occasions (which were held at the village pavilion on the Wallkill River, Dad loaded up his Subaru and trailer with all the boats he could muster up and we headed down to get people out on the water.

Dad's boat-mobile

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Adventures in Santa Fe

13 06 2010

I spent a whopping 2.5 days in Santa Fe, NM this week.  It felt like a whole lot longer though because of how much was packed into that time.  I was there for a conference for two scientific groups, ASLO (American Society of Limnology and Oceanography) and NABS (North American Benthological Society… a group for the most part made of people who study ecology of streams).  I came in to Santa Fe mid-week since I’d be presenting my research poster on Thursday night and my boss thought that it would be good for me to stay in Virginia and work for the beginning of the week.

coffee break @ conference center

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Excuses to dress fancily

13 05 2010

It’s not super often that I get an excuse to don a dress and get all purty.  I reallllly enjoy the fact that I can wear jeans and a t-shirt to work on a daily basis.  If I wear non-jeans, people remark how nice I look (haha). Let’s face it, when I sometimes am working with dirt and/or acid, I don’t really want to wear anything that isn’t well-worn already.  Once in a while though, it’s fun to get dressed up and get looking especially good :)

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